FMW Golf Course Equipment – Spring 2023

After a cold, wet and snowy winter we are counting down the days till Spring. In just over a month we will have sprung into spring with brighter days and warmer temperatures. The trees and flowers will be blooming, the plants and grass will be growing and the whole landscape will change for the new season.

Here at FMW Distinct this time of year is the most exciting as we get ready to launch our new brochure for 2023. Our new brochure will be mailshot to all the golf clubs nationwide and we also have a flipping book and a downloadable copy online. Below are some sneak previews of some of the products we are offering within our range:

Tee Markers – Our Black Recycled Tee Markers are all manufactured inhouse, they are constructed from premium recycled plastic with stainless steel spikes and the plaques are manufactured from alupanel rather than inferior plastic. They are ideal for logoing, numbering or corporate personalization. We have four styles to suit all preferences. The Classic Log style, the Modern Oval, the Sturdy Block and the Elegant Angled.

Recycled Angled Tee Markers
Recycled Log Tee Markers
Block Tee Markers
Recycled Oval Tee Markers

Ball Washers – Our Cast Aluminium Spiral Ball Washer is constructed from cast aluminium with a powder coated finish. It has a spiral cleaning action and is one of the most popular washers on the market. It has a small recess at the front which will fit with your company logo if required. For 2023 we are now offering this ballwasher in black as well as green. Or if you wanted to stand out we are now offering Tee Console Systems with the spiral ball washer along with two styles of bins. Either the Pattisson Teak Bin or Litter Mate. For a more economical but versatile ballwasher we have the Just B4 Tee Ballwasher & Club Cleaner combining a ballwasher and club cleaner. Manufactured from quality high impact polymer which has a simple movement giving an excellent ball wash. Available as separates or available as a Package Deal.

Flagpins, Holecups and Flags – We offer a wide range of cups, pins and flags. Starting with our cups, we offer white plastic, black plastic with white liners, aluminium cups with white liners which can be logo’d, winter holecups and putting cups. All are available in US or UK fittings. Our Flagpins are available in different colours and striping and with plastic or metal ferrules UK or US. The standard Flagpin is the most economical and is suitable for the tie on flags only. Next up is the deluxe Flagpin which will take tie on or velcro flags and our tubelock flagpins for tubelock flags. FMW premium Flagpin is the Javelin which is normally used for tournaments and they are tapered at the top and bottom leaving them larger in the centre for extra weight. We recommend metal ferrules with this pin UK or US. New to our range is the Links Striping Pin which has a black base with a five striping pattern. Finally our flags, again they come in a wide range, Tie on, Velcro, Tubelock, Airflow, Check, Numbered, Fluorescent and Clubhouse. If you require your club logo, sponsors or special events  we offer inhouse heat transfer vinyl, digitally printed or embroidered. Don’t forget to check out our Flagpin Package Deals which are available all year round.

Signage – FMW signage is all made exclusively inhouse. The framework is manufactured in our workshop to specification and all the artwork is designed and printed in our art department giving the customer a personalized end product. Our standard signs are manufactured from durable alupanel and are available in a range of sizes, colours and font styles and borders and logo’s can be added on request. In our Recycled Plastic signs range we have Tee Information Signs, Course Map Signs, Tee Information Posts, Entrance Signs and Information Signs. They are manufactured from high quality recycled plastic and the signage panels are alupanel with digitally printed vinyl which is laminated for extra durability. Again these are bespoke and we offer many options. New to FMW range this year are Recycled Plastic Car Park Signs and Directional Signs.

These are just a few core products we offer from FMW Distinct, please check our webshop or online brochure for the fall range.

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