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We’ve Got What You Need

What do you think of when you turn your mind to decorating your golf course? Are you looking for something unique and outside of the box, or something truly classic which incorporates all of your favourite features in one easily affordable decorative package? Whatever your answer might be, we here at FMW Distinct have a few suggestions for you which we feel you might agree with!

When it comes to the fairway, we’ve got no shortage of items perfect to add that all-important decoration and functionality to your course. From the classic red and white chains, custom signs and sleek looking distance markers, we have a vast selection just waiting to give you what you need. Find barrier hoops, post caps and just about everything else you could think of here at FMW Distinct, as well as rakes and other tools which are perfect for maintenance!
Okay, so that’s not technically decorative by itself, but a well maintained golf course is certainly an appealing sight, as we’re sure you’ll agree! Give your golfers the confidence in your course that they’ll need to relax and have a great time, and find the both the tools and the workwear in our comprehensive stock of items! We don’t just do one thing, after all, and you can certainly count on us as your one stop shop for all things to do with your golf course.

We’re always looking forward to upcoming events such as the 2014 FedExCup beginning on Thursday, and the ever-prestigious Ryder Cup in September, but that doesn’t mean that the golf that takes place on your own course can’t be just as exciting!

If you’re looking for the very best golf course equipment to really make the most of your course from the tee all the way to the putting green, make sure you’ve got FMW Distinct in mind! All you have to do is get in contact, and we’ll be able to have a chat about how we can meet your exact individual requirements! We can’t wait to hear from you.