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We don’t kid around with our prices

It’s that time of year again. What? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that tomorrow is the 1st of April golf course equipment and therefore April Fools’ Day! Yes, tomorrow is the day of pranks, hijinks, capers and jokes, so be on the lookout. Remember if the April Fools’ prank happens after the 12pm mark then the joker becomes the joke!


We love the day here at FMW Distinct, what’s not to love? It’s a silly, frivolous day that lets people let out their inner child. There have been some amazing jokes over the years and even the media outlets like to get in on the action; who can forget the infamous spaghetti trees on the BBC? Despite loving a joke as much as the next guy, there’s one thing we don’t kid around with and that’s the price of our golf course equipment.

golf course equipment



Our golf course equipment is serious business and the same can be said when it comes to our prices. We always want to give our clients the best deal on all of our golf course equipment and that’s we continuously check out our competitors and look to give our customers special offers wherever possible. In fact, we have a flag pin offer at the minute that is so good, you’ll actually think we’re playing an April Fools’ joke on you – but we’re not. Head on over to our main site to view this offer and many more great deals on golf course equipment.