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The truth about divot boxes

Golf is fun, relaxing and an entertaining way to spend an afternoon but proper respect for the golf course is just as important. Repairing divots you cause in the course as you go is one way to show appreciation and consideration for the course, the club and for your fellow golfers.

Most golfers cause divots when they play. It’s a common occurrence and happens to both new golfers and seasoned players. You are after all swinging a very large club at a particularly small ball! It shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of; however, golf etiquette dictates that you should always endeavour to fix the divot by using the divot boxes provided in order to keep the course in tip top condition. If you’re a little unsure of how to fix your divots and are a little wary of using the divot boxes provided then let us give you some helpful tips and advice on how to keep the gold course looking brand new.

Most divot boxes on golf courses contain a mixture of sand and grass for you to use. Simply fill the divot hole with sand and replace the grass on top, ensuring it is level with the rest of the course. If you create a divot on the fairway, replace the clump of grass you hit and put it back into the hole. If you can’t find the lump then simply fill the hole with sand from one of the divot boxes. And that’s it!

See, divot boxes aren’t that scary after all J