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Taking care of the green | Divot Boxes

Being part of a golf course is being part of a community where you all dig in and help out. This might take the form of complementing/giving advice with regards to a fellow golfer’s swing or putting technique and it could also be in the form of taking care of the golf course itself.

Any divot holes made by golfers, and in fact any kind of damage to the green that occurs whilst a golfer is playing, be it with a club, shoe or the impact of the ball, should be repaired by the golfers to keep a healthy, even putting green for their fellow golfers.

Most golf courses have a variety of divot boxes scattered around different parts of the green and encourage their golf club members to repair any divots on the green themselves, using the mixture provided in the divot boxes. Of course, the greenkeepers and grounds staff carries out this procedure on all of the tees across the course of the year but by members and visitors using the divot boxes provided, it improves the recovery time of the divot and longevity of the tee.

Here at FMW Distinct, we have a range of divot boxes for you to choose from for your golf course. Here are two of the most popular divot boxes we currently sell on our golf course equipment site:

Recycled Plastic Wood Effect Divot Box £83.95

This UV Stabilised Dark Green recycled plastic divot box is stylish and comes supplied with a matching divot scoop.  The message on the divot box reads 'Please use the mixture in this box to repair your divot mark'

divot boxes

Practice Green Large Divot Box £99.00

This larger divot box provides the perfect solutions for practice grounds, and higher usage areas.  It’s also an ideal fill up point for divot bags and holds 50 litres. It consists of a UV stabilised polyethylene construction with a hinged lid and wide mouth for ease of access and is both water tight and durable.

Divot Boxes


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