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A Summery Selection

Would you just look at this weather we’re having? With the sun out in full force and the skies as clear as you could ever imagine, it seems like this country’s finally embraced summer with open arms! We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly hope that we’ve said goodbye to those unpleasant dreary rainy spells which have been coming back with a vengeance recently – not the weather you want for golf at all! At least now you’ll be able to see your own golf course in its full glory on a bright day, and you might just find your mind turning to certain parts of it that need tidying up when the sun’s out!

For example, around the clubhouse is one of the most essential parts of a course to get right, if you’ve got one that is! Stocking it full of amenities and luxurious features can make sure that your course is a truly inviting place for golfers to begin their stay, and since it’s the first thing they’ll see you’ll also be giving them a great first impression worthy of confidence. That’s precisely where we come in, needless to say, as what we have in stock might just be what you need.

Whether you’re looking to create a fancy clubhouse full of enticing features or an entry point featuring only the most basic essentials, we have it all here! Make your golf course look the best it can for summer; browse through our selection and you’re sure to find the perfect thing for your course!

For the very best in golf course equipment , make sure you’ve got FMW Distinct as your first choice. We specialise in just about everything to do with the course, and we’re more than able to supply things such as golf practice nets, litter bins and shoe cleaners which many would argue are absolute essentials when it comes to the area around the clubhouse. Make your course stand out from the rest, and give your players a memorable experience they’re sure to come back to; simply get in contact, and let our highly professional and welcoming team discuss your requirement