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Raking it in or out? | Sand Rakes

Sand rakes have been used on golf courses for as long as we can remember and they’re great for evening out the golfing surface. However, there has been much debate around whether or not you should leave sand rakes in the bunker or outside, once you’ve finished raking the surface.

There seems to be no one rule across the golfing world that defines whether or not sand rakes should be left in or out of the bunker. The general consensus seems to be that every golf course has their own set of rules and if they’re not explicitly stated anywhere then you should leave the sand rakes in whatever position you found them.

Here at FMW Distinct, we have a range of sand rakes for golf courses ranging from budget options to high end products. Starting at just £4.99, we have a range of sand rakes for you to fully kit out your golf course to ensure your bunkers are well taken care of.

Have a look at our variety of sand rakes:


Economy Members Rake with Wooden Handle


sand rakes

Black Polyhead Bunker Rake


 sand rakes


 Tour Pro Rake


 sand rakes

 These are just three samples of the cross section of sand rakes we have here at FMW Distinct but to view our full selection please visit the main part of our website or contact us for more information.