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FMW Distinct

  • Give Yourself a Champion’s Course!

    Did you catch the results of the WGC Bridgestone? If not, you might not be surprised to learn that it was the rising talent of Rory McIlroy which topped the final leaderboard! We’ve been following the Northern Irishman closely for a while now, as we’re very excited to see if he can go on and top all four majors with a confident stride! Of course, the PGA Championship is currently on now, and even in these early stages we’re starting to see the potential champ gearing up for another win! It really is a very exciting time for golf!

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  • Dress for Success

    Here at FMW Distinct, we always feel a certain sense of pride after our golf course equipment and supplies have been used to full effect by a customer and we get to see the results! As you might imagine, then, it’s very important to us that we spread the word on how best to go about getting to that fantastic final stage where golfers can come and enjoy your golf course, especially when you consider that there’s a few aspects of the work which are often overlooked. One of those is the clothes that you wear when you’re getting everything done, which can prove especially important when the weather might be playing up. That’s why we keep a comprehensive stock of workwear, however, so come and discover what we have!

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  • We’ve Got What You Need

    What do you think of when you turn your mind to decorating your golf course? Are you looking for something unique and outside of the box, or something truly classic which incorporates all of your favourite features in one easily affordable decorative package? Whatever your answer might be, we here at FMW Distinct have a few suggestions for you which we feel you might agree with!

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  • Wear It Well!

    We’re approaching the middle of October, and we’re seeing some pretty autumnal weather so far! The mornings have been chilly and pretty dark compared to what we’ve been used to, the rain’s been making an appearance again and we’ve seen quite a bit of wind whip up to blow those dead leaves to and fro. It’s quite a picturesque image, we think, but it certainly creates a slew of problems for those of us that have golf courses to keep in shape!

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  • A Force for Change

    Are you familiar with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club? We imagine you might be! It’s been around since 1754, though it’s grown significantly from a small society into a club with a worldwide and prestigious membership base. Notably, between 1897 and 2003 it was responsible for bringing important developments around such as the running of the Open Championship, other high-profile events, and now it stands as the ruling authority of the game throughout the majority of the world!

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  • Making it Worthwhile

    With the Ryder Cup only 11 weeks away, we here at FMW Distinct are certainly getting excited for the historic event to take place at Gleneagles in Scotland. We can’t wait to see how the big names in golf perform, who’s going to make it in time to make it a real spectacle, and maybe we might find ourselves spying some of the equipment we offer making an appearance on the course itself! In the meantime, however, if you’ve got a course of your own then why not make sure it is as well equipped as it can be?


    We have a tremendous selection of golf course supplies perfect for creating the ideal playground on which any level of golfer will be able to hone their swings and play to the best of their ability without anything getting in their way. The products we stock are of the highest standards and are guaranteed to make any course into a memorable experience, so it’s definitely a wise choice to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Even things such as benches and bins that you might not have initially thought of having can set your golf course apart from the rest, so make sure you have a good look through what we have to offer!


    Additionally, our selection of safety boots and workwear can ensure that you’ll be completely covered and protected if your course requires a bit of work. Whatever you’re planning to do, make sure you do it right, and let us help you decide what you need!


    At FMW Distinct, we specialising in providing top quality greenkeeping equipment and golf course supplies worthy of use by the professionals, we’re hoping to catch a glimpse on our TV screens or for those lucky few able to watch, see it all in person.  Get in contact if what we have sounds like something you could really use, and we’ll be able to discuss exactly what you need.


  • A Distinct Difference

    We think it really is the case that a product is only as good as the service which it comes with, especially as we’ve been on the receiving end of some sloppy customer care over the years. It’s safe to say we know exactly how frustrating that can be when you just want everything to be done as smoothly and with as little hassle as possible, so you’ll be happy to know FMW Distinct can guarantee something much better!


    When it comes to our own customers, we’re one hundred percent committed to making sure that no-one has to go through the easily avoided rigmarole that a bad experience can bring. You can expect the highest standards of quality in just about everything we do, certainly with regards to getting you a swift and speedy delivery of the golf course supplies you order from us. We’ll also always be on the other end of the phone if you need us, with a friendly and welcoming team who are all too happy to hear from you, help you out, or give you any advice that you might be looking for!


    Whether you’re looking to add something to the putting green such as our range of putting green flags, or you’re in need of some bespoke golf course signage to give the fairway those all-important essentials, we’ve got it all here. Just have a look through our selection and you might be surprised; we even carry sturdy safety footwear such as waterproof boots to make sure that you’re well equipped whilst you carry out any work that needs to be done.


    So what are you waiting for? FMW Distinct is a growing name in the world of golf course equipment, rapidly becoming the first port of call for more and more people looking to take advantage of the many deals we have here and spruce up their own course in the process. If you feel like our vast range of products as well as our dedication to customer service is exactly what you’re looking for, why not get in contact as soon as you can?

  • A Summery Selection

    Would you just look at this weather we’re having? With the sun out in full force and the skies as clear as you could ever imagine, it seems like this country’s finally embraced summer with open arms! We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly hope that we’ve said goodbye to those unpleasant dreary rainy spells which have been coming back with a vengeance recently – not the weather you want for golf at all! At least now you’ll be able to see your own golf course in its full glory on a bright day, and you might just find your mind turning to certain parts of it that need tidying up when the sun’s out!

    For example, around the clubhouse is one of the most essential parts of a course to get right, if you’ve got one that is! Stocking it full of amenities and luxurious features can make sure that your course is a truly inviting place for golfers to begin their stay, and since it’s the first thing they’ll see you’ll also be giving them a great first impression worthy of confidence. That’s precisely where we come in, needless to say, as what we have in stock might just be what you need.

    Whether you’re looking to create a fancy clubhouse full of enticing features or an entry point featuring only the most basic essentials, we have it all here! Make your golf course look the best it can for summer; browse through our selection and you’re sure to find the perfect thing for your course!

    For the very best in golf course equipment , make sure you’ve got FMW Distinct as your first choice. We specialise in just about everything to do with the course, and we’re more than able to supply things such as golf practice nets, litter bins and shoe cleaners which many would argue are absolute essentials when it comes to the area around the clubhouse. Make your course stand out from the rest, and give your players a memorable experience they’re sure to come back to; simply get in contact, and let our highly professional and welcoming team discuss your requirement

  • Get Your Gear in Order

    When you’re carrying out work on a golf course, it’s absolutely essential that you bring the right equipment and wear the correct gear for the job. For matters of both safety and professional appearance, though obviously the former is a little more important, acquiring the correct workwear is an incredibly important task in itself. That’s why we here at FMW Distinct are here to provide all you could ever need in one convenient location, at a fantastic price, and that certain touch of customer care that we believe everyone should be entitled to!


    From sturdy safety boots featuring dependable steel toe caps and midsoles to high performance gloves and ear defenders, our range is diverse and comprehensive enough that it covers all work you could possibly want to do when it comes to your golf course. Even the common tasks associated with maintenance work such as cutting grass, irrigation, the application of weed control products and spreading of fertiliser can be made wholly safe and noticeably more efficient when you have workwear such as hard-wearing protective gloves and coveralls to help make everything go smoothly and safely. Have a browse through our stock; whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have it!


    Here at FMW Distinct, we’re dedicated and highly professional suppliers of golf course equipment , including the kind of top quality workwear needed to carry out a smooth, safe, and streamlined service when you’re undertaking crucial work on your course. If you feel like you could do with some sturdy equipment such as forestry headgear or safety glasses, or you’re looking for an incredibly simple way to get your hands on the clothing you need, make sure you’ve got us in mind. We have a dedication to providing the best products we can, with a comprehensive customer service courtesy of our experienced and friendly team. Why not contact us as soon as you can?

  • Stocked for Success

    Here at FMW Distinct, we know what makes a golf course stand out from the rest, and that’s why we’ve stocked our store with as much top quality goods as you could ever need. After all, the equipment you use upon your golf course is the key to ensuring that those who play on it can have the most fun they possibly can, without having to question what they’re using to practice the sport as they please. Browse our diverse selection of tee markers, golf flags, putting cups and more, and you might just find the perfect thing for you!


    We also offer a host of putting green accessories and other items which are incredibly popular buys amongst avid golfers, so don’t hesitate to have a browse through our website! Maybe you’re looking to get a hold of some proper clothing that’ll keep you safe and properly dressed whilst you carry out work on your course, in which case you should be delighted to learn that workwear is an area of our store that we keep readily filled with the absolute best when it comes to functional and practical items of clothing. We can guarantee you that there’s definitely something for everyone here; why not give us a ring?


    If you’re looking for the very best when it comes to golf course equipment and supplies for the tee, fairway and green, make sure you have us in mind! We can give you the utmost quality without the associated price tag, and with a dedication to customer service and accessibility no matter what your budget you’re sure to be satisfied by what we have to offer. Find excellence when it comes to golfing equipment courtesy of FMW Distinct; all you have to do is pick up the phone and get in contact, though we’re more than happy to receive emails as well!

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