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  • Summer is here | Golf Course Equipment

    And so are our amazing summer offers! To celebrate the warmer weather, and the fact that we’re getting into the golf season we’ve got some not-to-be-missed online offers that you and your golf course can’t afford to pass on.

    We’re always feeling generous here at FMW Distinct but this summer sun that has started to appear has really got us in a great “giving-back” spirit. We just want you all to have the best golf course equipment for your golf courses – at the best value!

    First up we have our summer savings on our Tee Caddies. We have some beautiful Dark Green Plastic Tee Caddies featuring a 'broken tee' image on the side and a screw in ground spike for easy fixture. When you buy 9 of these Tee Caddies, you save a whopping 25%!

    golf course equipment

    Fancy saving yourself a staggering 35% on golf course equipment? Our next offer is for Economy Tee Discs. Available in Red, Yellow, White or Blue, we are offering a box of 50 for £80 (that works out at around £1.60 each!)

    Golf Course Equipment

    Last but not least we have our Summer Special Hole Cup Offer which gives you the option of either 20 UK or USA quality poly hole cups with a discount applied of 15%!

    Golf Course Equipment

    You can’t say no to savings on golf course equipment like that! Happy Summer everyone!

  • Using golf course equipment with safety in mind

    When buying and using golf course equipment, it’s important to ensure you follow all necessary health and safety procedures as some kinds of golf course equipment can be hazardous if not used properly.

    golf course equipment

    With that being said golf courses are relatively safe places to work and not a lot of accidents occur in relation to other industries or fields but still, care should be taken. When using all kinds of golf course equipment you should keep in mind the following:

    • Safety starts before you start the engine or pick up a piece of equipment – ensure you’re prepared beforehand.
    • Make sure you have been given all information you need to complete a job and are comfortable with it.
    • Never operate or use a piece of golf course equipment you have not been trained on.
    • Always check your golf course equipment before you start the engine or begin use.
    • Use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, hearing protection, and sturdy work shoes or boots.
    • Check warning labels for specific hazards.
    • Before putting the golf course equipment away look for any damage and make sure it’s reported.

    By keeping these points in mind there’s no reason why any mishaps should occur with golf course equipment on the green or anywhere else on the golf course – and the chances of an accident occurring are significantly reduced.

  • Taking your game home | Golf Course Equipment

    If you can’t put in the dedicated hours or practice, you’ll never be the next Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods, but we appreciate for a lot of people, it can be extremely difficult to get to the golf course as much as you’d like. Family, work and other commitments constrain you and obviously in the grand scheme of things, practicing your golf swing at the course gets pushed down your list of priorities. If your schedule is jam-packed, a lot of the time, you don’t want to be driving to the golf course in your down time. But what if there was a way that you could practice at home? Well, with our range of home golf course equipment you can!

    golf course equipment golf course equipment

    Our home golf course equipment allows you to perfect your game from the comfort of your own home. No more dashing from a late meeting, to the golf course and then desperately trying to make it home in time for dinner. “Honey,” you can say, “dinner was delicious and now I’m going to go into the garden and practice teeing off.”

    Having your own home golf course equipment gives you the chance to practice every aspect of your game in an environment you feel safe and comfortable in – and you can spend more time at home with your family in the process!

    golf course equipment golf course equipment

    We’ve got everything you need from driving mats, putting green flags and putting grass, to hole cutters, practice nets and hole cups. You’ll have to find your own caddy though we’re afraid! If you’d like to get started on your own mini golf course at home, have a browse of our home golf course equipment!

  • New golf course supplies

    We’re continually adding to our golf course supplies here at FMW Distinct and we love showcasing our new products with you all. Golf is a sport that is all about practice. The old saying goes “practice makes perfect” and it’s certainly true of golf. But golf is also as much about the conditions in which you play as how much you practice, and that’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you the best golf course supplies so you can go practice in a suitable environment.

    Would you like to see some of our new golf course supplies? Of course you would!

    This Quick Hit Golf Practice Net isn’t just for golf courses, because of its size (7ft X 7ft) and easy setup it’s ideal for home use and for in schools and training centres. Our Quick Hit Golf Practice Net allows you to practice your swing and your aim until you get that perfect shot.

    golf course supplies

    Our new specially designed Distinct 30 Tee Turf is for use in tee areas, practice hitting zones and short game areas and the great thing about it is, there’s no infill required! All the maintenance that is required as well is just cleaning. As you can see from the image below it can also accommodate any tee size and if you require an installation service, we can organise that for you too.

    golf course supplies

    The 16mm Distinct Premium Putting Grass is the perfect way to practice your putting and gives a really great, true run of the ball. As we said before, the conditions you practice in and the amount you practice determines how good you are and we hope our golf course supplies can aid in your improvement.

    golf course supplies

    We hope you found our new golf course supplies of some use but if this isn’t what you’re looking for, we have a range of other golf course supplies on our website.

  • We’re cleaning up with our offers | Golf Course Equipment

    Boy do we love giving our customers unbeatable offers on our golf course equipment, here at FMW Distinct. First it was the flag pins, then it was bunker rates and now, for a limited time only, when you buy any of our FMW Distinct Boot Cleaners you receive an additional set of replacement brushes – absolutely free! That’s a saving of over £43! We’re going to be running this offer until the 31st July 2015 so take advantage of this amazing summer offer before it goes!

    This fantastic special offer is available on all of our boot cleaner options including the Standard Single Stem Boot Cleaner at £115, the Twin Stem Boot Cleaner at £145 and the Deluxe Boot Cleaner at £175.

    Golf Course Equipment

    Our boot cleaners are efficient and practical and the perfect addition to any golf course. Nobody wants to have mucky boots in the clubhouse after a day out on the green!

    We’re proud to be able to give you high quality golf course equipment, as well as an extensive rage of quality workwear, at such brilliant prices - and rewarding our loyal clients is what we love to do. As well as our constantly changing special offers, we also have our excellent delivery option which enables you to claim free delivery on all order over £150 (to UK Mainland only) regardless of what you purchase. We hate when companies stick you with the delivery charge and we think you should be rewarded for buying so much golf course equipment, so we give you free delivery!

  • A master on your course

    If you’ve all been keeping up to date with the Masters you’ll know that it was relatively new golfer, Jordan Spieth that scooped the prize, equalling the lowest winning score in Masters history. Jordan only made his debut last year where he placed second in the competition, so it’s a fantastic achievement for the 21-year-old. It’s Jordan’s first major honour and no doubt he will be absolutely thrilled. Fan favourite, Rory McIlroy, placed fourth in the competition.

    Golf Course Equipment

    Golf, like any sport, requires complete dedication and hours of practice to be the very best and no doubt Jordan, Rory and even Tiger have spent hours and hours on the golf course perfecting their game. Usually pro golfers start playing from a very early age and some no doubt have picked up a golf club before they’ve picked up a pen or paper. Could your golf course or club be home to the next golfing star? You’ll need to ensure you have the best golf course equipment you can get your hands on and that’s where we come in.

    Golf Course Equipment

    Here at FMW Distinct, we have top quality golf course equipment covering all aspects of the game to ensure your members can practice their game to the best of their ability. Who knows, you may have the next Masters champion practicing on your green as we speak, using your golf course equipment!

    To ensure you deliver the best golf course experience, have a look at our range of golf course equipment here at FMW Distinct.

  • Desert drought

    Here in the UK, we’ve been welcoming the warm, dry weather after what’s felt like a Game of Thrones length winter, however, not everywhere is happy about the lack of rain. California is suffering its worst drought in 1,200 years leading the governor to introduce the state’s first ever mandatory restriction on water use. It is bad news for residents but also for golf course communities who will struggle to keep their courses looking plush and green. In Palm Springs alone there are more than 120 golf course communities that use water resources to feed their array of swimming pools, artificial waterfalls, lakes and fairways.

    The Californian landscape, usually brimming with rivers and lakes is startling barren and the mandatory order will require campuses, golf courses, cemeteries and other large landscapes to curb their water use, but not to the same extent as residents in the city. Owners of large farms will be exempt from the 25 per cent reduction but golf courses will not.

    Luckily, here in the UK, we aren’t held to such restrictions and here at FMW Distinct, we have all the golf course equipment you need to keep your golf course looking beautiful, lush and playable.

    Whether you need sprinkler head trimmers, a soil moisture meter or a lawn aerator, we have the golf course equipment for you. It takes a lot to keep a golf course in tip top shape but with our help the job is made that much easier. That and we’re not suffering a drought!

    For all your golf course equipment needs visit our website.

  • We don’t kid around with our prices

    It’s that time of year again. What? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that tomorrow is the 1st of April golf course equipment and therefore April Fools’ Day! Yes, tomorrow is the day of pranks, hijinks, capers and jokes, so be on the lookout. Remember if the April Fools’ prank happens after the 12pm mark then the joker becomes the joke!


    We love the day here at FMW Distinct, what’s not to love? It’s a silly, frivolous day that lets people let out their inner child. There have been some amazing jokes over the years and even the media outlets like to get in on the action; who can forget the infamous spaghetti trees on the BBC? Despite loving a joke as much as the next guy, there’s one thing we don’t kid around with and that’s the price of our golf course equipment.

    golf course equipment



    Our golf course equipment is serious business and the same can be said when it comes to our prices. We always want to give our clients the best deal on all of our golf course equipment and that’s we continuously check out our competitors and look to give our customers special offers wherever possible. In fact, we have a flag pin offer at the minute that is so good, you’ll actually think we’re playing an April Fools’ joke on you – but we’re not. Head on over to our main site to view this offer and many more great deals on golf course equipment.

  • A golf carnival

    Here at FMW Distinct, we like to keep up to date with all things golf related, it makes sense really with us specialising in golf course equipment. So we thought we’d share this bit of golf related news with you all. The 2016 Olympics in Brazil are just around the corner and Rio de Janeiro’s mayor has just unveiled the city’s Olympic golf course. The golf course has caused a bit of controversy as it has been carved out of a nature reserve drawing criticism from environmental activists; although the mayor has laid out an ardent defence of the project.

    Regardless of the controversy surrounding the golf course, there’s no denying that it looks absolutely beautiful. Gently rolling hills covered in lush green grass, set against a backdrop of brilliant blue sky and dazzling sunshine make up the golf course. It seems the perfect setting for golf's triumphant return to the Olympics after a 112-year absence.

    It’s brilliant to see golf back in the Olympics, and of course as a company specialising in golf course equipment, we do love a bit of golf! Amidst all the controversy of the new golf course, let’s hope they’ve managed to at least make the beautiful Brazilian course functional with the correct golf course equipment. It’s no use it being a stunning piece of scenery if the Olympic golfers can’t play on it properly! We’re sure the Brazilians have got it covered.


  • The spring rush

    We’re starting to feel like spring has finally sprung here in the UK, there have been numerous sightings of the sun, some daffodils peeking out from behind the grass and the shop shelves have been filled with chocolate Easter eggs. We haven’t eaten any yet we promise…

    Now the weather is starting to warm up, it means golf courses up and down the country are going to be filling up. Who can resist the feeling of the warm sun beating down on their back as they have a golf club in hand? It’s normal to have a quiet period during the winter months but your business comes back once the weather picks up again. With people flocking back to your golf course, it’s vital you have up to date golf course equipment and a welcoming environment for your members.

    golf course equipment

    Any run down, broken or missing golf course equipment should be replaced to keep your golf course looking fresh, modern and professional. Here at FMW Distinct, we have a comprehensive range of golf course equipment to keep your golf course looking up to date and functioning properly. Whether you need golf course signage, tee markers, benches or even plastic litter bins to revitalise your golf course, you can find it here.

    We’re constantly running special offers on our golf course equipment and at the minute we have a flag pin package deal that is not to be missed! Make sure your golf course and clubhouse is ready for the spring surge with our golf course equipment here at FMW.

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