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Getting you covered | Waterproof Coveralls

British weather is notoriously unpredictable and infamously disappointing. Take this week for example; we’ve had a humid heatwave, torrential rain and a thunder and lightning storm all in the space of five days! If you’re in an industry which requires you to work outdoors it can be a nightmare.

Waterproof coveralls are a necessity when it comes to working outdoors. Imagine being caught a few days ago in that absolutely dreadful (if not beautiful) storm without your waterproof coveralls? You’d be a soggy mess for sure!

Whether they are two-piece waterproof overalls or all-in-one waterproof coveralls, you can reap many benefits from having this type of workwear. Waterproof coveralls are perfect for a range of different scenarios. If you work outdoors and on land waterproof coveralls can protect you from the elements such as torrential rain; if you work out on a boat they can keep you dry and take some of the harshness of the weather away; and if you work high up anywhere they can protect you from savage wind.

You also won’t get any sunburn when the British weather decides to throw us a curveball if you’re covered up in waterproof coveralls!

Have a look at FMW Distinct’s range of waterproof coveralls – we’ve got you covered!