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FMW Distinct

  • Just follow the signs…

    For a golf course to run efficiently and smoothly, golf course signage is a must. Of course, everyone on a golf course is there to have a fun time and to relax but there are certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to. This ensures everyone has the best time possible on the golf course and that all health and safety issues are addresses. Things like repairing divots, where trolleys should be kept and rules pertaining to dogs are all vital pieces of information that needs to be given to golfers on the course and the best way to do that is through golf course signage.

    Every golf course needs golf course signage and here at FMW Distinct you’ll find all your golf course signage needs. Here on our website you can purchase all your golf course signage for the benefit of both staff and customers. Covering everything from rules to follow on the green to directional information, we have all the golf course signage you could ever need.

    All of our golf course signage is aesthetically pleasing and will only add to the style of your golf course. Take a look at some of the golf course signage we have here on out website and you’ll see exactly what you mean. Our golf course signage isn’t obtrusive or garish but presents the information needed in an understated but effective way.

    If you are looking to give your golf course signage an overhaul or are changing the look of your golf course completely you’ll find our golf course signage options just what you need.

  • Winter is just around the corner

    Well maybe not around the next corner, but definitely the one after that. So with that in mind, it’s worth sorting out your waterproof workwear to ensure you’re adequately covered by the time winter arrives.

    Waterproof coveralls are essential for people who work outside, particularly in winter when the elements can be especially difficult and bracing. Sub-zero temperatures, wind, snow and rain are conditions that are impossible to work in without the protection of waterproof coveralls.

    Here at FMW, we have an extensive range of workwear that includes quality waterproof coveralls. Crucially we have ranges of waterproof coveralls to suit every budget so whether you’re looking to save, spend or splurge you’ll find the right waterproof coveralls got you here on our website.

    Golf WearWe have a Nylon B Dri Waterproof Suit which is a two-piece and the cheapest of all the waterproof coveralls we stock at just £12.00. At £24.99 we have the Dickies Vermont Waterproof Suit which is a little more expensive, but still well within most people’s budget for quality waterproof coveralls. And finally we have the Brecon Waterproof Coveralls at £56.95 which are at the top end of our waterproof coveralls range. We told you we had waterproof coveralls for everyone!

    If you’d like to see more of our waterproof coveralls or any money of our workwear options than please have a look round our website or contact us today.

  • Revamp with putting green flags

    Refurbishing an entire golf course can be extremely time-consuming, costly and can have a negative impact on your members’ experience. Whilst at times, to maintain an up to date, functioning and enjoyable golf course, it is necessary to go the whole hog and do up the course, often all is needed is a few little tweaks here and there.

    If you think your golf course is in need of a little revamp but you’re not up for a complete overhaul then a clever way to give it a mini makeover is with new putting green flags. The design of your putting green flags can have a major effect on the overall look, feel and vibe of your golf course.

    Here at FMW Distinct, we have a range of putting green flags in a variety of different designs to suit your requirements. If you’d like to have plain putting green flags all throughout your golf course then we have red, yellow, white and blue for you to choose from – sometimes simplicity is key!

    putting green flags putting green flags






    If you’re looking for putting green flags with a bit more oomph then there is a chequered putting green flags range on our site that proves to be extremely popular. There are black and white, red and white and yellow and black options for you to choose from.

    One of the most popular putting green flags we stock is the powder coated cast alloy flag top, available in a choice of colours with white fibreglass rod stems. We also have economy putting green flags for you to browse as well.

    Want to get started on giving your golf course a little makeover? Browse our range of putting green flags today. If there’s something you can’t find we’re only a phone call or an email away!

  • Raking it in or out? | Sand Rakes

    Sand rakes have been used on golf courses for as long as we can remember and they’re great for evening out the golfing surface. However, there has been much debate around whether or not you should leave sand rakes in the bunker or outside, once you’ve finished raking the surface.

    There seems to be no one rule across the golfing world that defines whether or not sand rakes should be left in or out of the bunker. The general consensus seems to be that every golf course has their own set of rules and if they’re not explicitly stated anywhere then you should leave the sand rakes in whatever position you found them.

    Here at FMW Distinct, we have a range of sand rakes for golf courses ranging from budget options to high end products. Starting at just £4.99, we have a range of sand rakes for you to fully kit out your golf course to ensure your bunkers are well taken care of.

    Have a look at our variety of sand rakes:


    Economy Members Rake with Wooden Handle


    sand rakes

    Black Polyhead Bunker Rake


     sand rakes


     Tour Pro Rake


     sand rakes

     These are just three samples of the cross section of sand rakes we have here at FMW Distinct but to view our full selection please visit the main part of our website or contact us for more information.

  • The truth about divot boxes

    Golf is fun, relaxing and an entertaining way to spend an afternoon but proper respect for the golf course is just as important. Repairing divots you cause in the course as you go is one way to show appreciation and consideration for the course, the club and for your fellow golfers.

    Most golfers cause divots when they play. It’s a common occurrence and happens to both new golfers and seasoned players. You are after all swinging a very large club at a particularly small ball! It shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of; however, golf etiquette dictates that you should always endeavour to fix the divot by using the divot boxes provided in order to keep the course in tip top condition. If you’re a little unsure of how to fix your divots and are a little wary of using the divot boxes provided then let us give you some helpful tips and advice on how to keep the gold course looking brand new.

    Most divot boxes on golf courses contain a mixture of sand and grass for you to use. Simply fill the divot hole with sand and replace the grass on top, ensuring it is level with the rest of the course. If you create a divot on the fairway, replace the clump of grass you hit and put it back into the hole. If you can’t find the lump then simply fill the hole with sand from one of the divot boxes. And that’s it!

    See, divot boxes aren’t that scary after all J

  • Putting Green Markers

    When running a golf course, you’re always going to have to replace your golf course equipment. No matter it is, over time, it’s going to need replacing. Putting green markers seem to be one of the things that need replacing the most for various reasons. Bad weather such as high winds is the most common cause of putting green markers going walkabout. Strong winds can lift your putting green markers, flags and arrows, especially if they’re unsecured, and take them away. Never to be seen again! Then you’ll be looking for some more putting green markers for your course!

    Putting Green MarkersPutting Green Markers













    So putting green markers are often the things most replaced on a golf course. Of course it can be frustrating as it can feel like you constantly have to replace flags, markers and even balls – it can feel like a never ending cycle. Luckily, here at FMW Distinct we have a range of putting green markers for you to stock up on, at very reasonable prices!

    On our website we have putting green markers, economy putting green flags, shield putting green flags, putting green arrows and many more to choose from for your golf course. All of our prices are fiercely competitive and we regularly have special offers for you to take advantage of.

    Every golf course needs putting green markers so make sure you get yours today.

  • Taking care of the green | Divot Boxes

    Being part of a golf course is being part of a community where you all dig in and help out. This might take the form of complementing/giving advice with regards to a fellow golfer’s swing or putting technique and it could also be in the form of taking care of the golf course itself.

    Any divot holes made by golfers, and in fact any kind of damage to the green that occurs whilst a golfer is playing, be it with a club, shoe or the impact of the ball, should be repaired by the golfers to keep a healthy, even putting green for their fellow golfers.

    Most golf courses have a variety of divot boxes scattered around different parts of the green and encourage their golf club members to repair any divots on the green themselves, using the mixture provided in the divot boxes. Of course, the greenkeepers and grounds staff carries out this procedure on all of the tees across the course of the year but by members and visitors using the divot boxes provided, it improves the recovery time of the divot and longevity of the tee.

    Here at FMW Distinct, we have a range of divot boxes for you to choose from for your golf course. Here are two of the most popular divot boxes we currently sell on our golf course equipment site:

    Recycled Plastic Wood Effect Divot Box £83.95

    This UV Stabilised Dark Green recycled plastic divot box is stylish and comes supplied with a matching divot scoop.  The message on the divot box reads 'Please use the mixture in this box to repair your divot mark'

    divot boxes

    Practice Green Large Divot Box £99.00

    This larger divot box provides the perfect solutions for practice grounds, and higher usage areas.  It’s also an ideal fill up point for divot bags and holds 50 litres. It consists of a UV stabilised polyethylene construction with a hinged lid and wide mouth for ease of access and is both water tight and durable.

    Divot Boxes


    For more golf course equipment and divot boxes please go to the main part of our website.|

  • Getting you covered | Waterproof Coveralls

    British weather is notoriously unpredictable and infamously disappointing. Take this week for example; we’ve had a humid heatwave, torrential rain and a thunder and lightning storm all in the space of five days! If you’re in an industry which requires you to work outdoors it can be a nightmare.

    Waterproof coveralls are a necessity when it comes to working outdoors. Imagine being caught a few days ago in that absolutely dreadful (if not beautiful) storm without your waterproof coveralls? You’d be a soggy mess for sure!

    Whether they are two-piece waterproof overalls or all-in-one waterproof coveralls, you can reap many benefits from having this type of workwear. Waterproof coveralls are perfect for a range of different scenarios. If you work outdoors and on land waterproof coveralls can protect you from the elements such as torrential rain; if you work out on a boat they can keep you dry and take some of the harshness of the weather away; and if you work high up anywhere they can protect you from savage wind.

    You also won’t get any sunburn when the British weather decides to throw us a curveball if you’re covered up in waterproof coveralls!

    Have a look at FMW Distinct’s range of waterproof coveralls – we’ve got you covered!

  • That old bugaboo lawn aeration | Golf Course Equipment

    When you talk about aerification or lawn aeration with golfers, they often see it as an inconvenience to their game. The little holes in the green seem to drive golfers mad and they seem to lay the blame on aerification when the game doesn’t go their way. (Although it’s likely that they should probably just practice their putting a bit more…) We jest!

    However, lawn aeration is nothing more than a short-term disruption but has many more long-term benefits for golf course users that need to be taken into consideration. Without those little holes that you see dotted about the golf course, the ones that cause you so much turmoil, the golf course greens would eventually die.

    To have a healthy and vibrant golf course green, you need to be taking preventative maintenance such as lawn aeration through the use of relevant golf course equipment, and unfortunately, this type of process is best done during the summer when most people want to be out playing golf! But needs must and lawn aeration is a vital process in producing healthy turf.

    golf course equipment

    Lawn aeration achieves three important objectives:

    • relieves soil compaction
    • provides a method to improve the soil mixture around the highest part of a green's roots
    • reduces or prevents the accumulation of excess thatch

    The condition of a golf course has a lot to do with what goes on below the surface and a healthy green needs deep, healthy roots which demand oxygen. In good soil, they get the oxygen from tiny pockets of air trapped between soil and sand particles.

    The soil can become compact over time, due to heavy foot traffic from avid golfers and also golf course equipment such as mowers, which means the air pockets become crushed. This means the all-important roots don’t get their all-important oxygen and they weaken, wither and die. Lawn aeration is the mechanical process of creating air space in the soil that promotes a healthy rooting system for natural turf!

    Here at FMW Distinct, we have the right lawn aeration golf course equipment to keep your green looking healthy and vibrant.

  • Specialist Turfcare Tools

    One of the most flawless things in the universe, apart from Beyoncé obviously, is a well-maintained golf course. A properly taken care of golf green should and does look impeccable. It’s truly a wonderment to behold but it takes so much time and effort to get it looking spick and span. But taking care of a golf course green isn’t just about how it looks. When a golf course is perfectly maintained and looks the part, it plays the part too. When you’re playing golf it’s extremely important to have a well-groomed course.

    The sport of golf is all about technique, minute movements and the roll of the ball, so a poorly maintained green, that is uneven, patchy and either too dry or water logged can ruin the game. Investing in quality golf course equipment, particularly specialist turfcare tools, is the only way to ensure that your golf course green will be pitch perfect!

    Here at FMW Distinct, we have a range of specialist turfcare tools and golf course equipment for you to create a flawless green that Queen Bey herself would be proud of. Take a look below at some of the products we have on offer:

    Rotary Seed Slotter                                                                                           Sarel Rollers

    golf course equipmentgolf course equipment






    Flip Over Levelawn                                                                                              Hexagon Turf Renovator

    golf course equipment

    golf course equipment







    For more specialist turfcare tools and golf course equipment head on over to our website!

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